System for Learning and Assessment through Tangible Exploration


Introducing SLATE

A quick tour of the SLATE system and Mechanix toolkit from our successful Kickstarter campaign video.

The Mechanix Toolkit

Mechanix is our award-winning toolkit and game where children create contraptions to guide a marble across the SLATE interactive display.

Mechanix consists of tangible simple machine components and virtual challenges in which the marble must be guided back 'home.' Designs that children create are saved by the system so that children can discover and test one another's designs by exploring the user-generated library of examples.

SLATE Networking Prototype

This video combines footage from a real-time, networked SLATE session between Tiff (in Palo Alto) and Coram (in San Diego):

  1. Coram asks Tiff for a Challenge and watches as she sets up a start and end piece
  2. Tiff watches Coram's process and final solution in real-time
  3. Coram signals the end of his solution. He then watches Tiff's attempt to match his design.

Assembling SLATE

Watch Tiff construct the new SLATE frame at the Stanford TLT Lab (at a record pace!) with some last minute assistance from a fellow lab student.